Sonic Iguana Producers and Engineers

Mass Giorgini - Producer & Masterer
Mass Giorgini founded Sonic Iguana Studios in 1990, primarily as a vehicle to record his own band.  However, he soon began working with other bands and discovered that he enjoyed recording music as much as creating it.  By the summer of 1992, the recordings he had made of his own band of the time, Rattail Grenadier,  attracted the attention of some other musicians within the Midwest punk scene.  Before long, Sonic Iguana Studios had carved out its niche as the punk rock recording studio of the Midwest. Since 1990, Mass Giorgini has worked with many high-profile artists and producers, including producers Paul Mahern (Iggy Pop, the Blake Babies, John Mellencamp) and Anjali Dutt (Oasis, Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine, the Boo Radleys) and artists such as Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt (both of Green Day), John Strohm (the Lemonheads, Velo-Deluxe, and Antenna).  However, where Mass Giorgini has truly made his mark is in the genre of his first love and true calling - pop-punk.

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Philip Zumbrun - Engineer
Philip Zumbrun has produced several outstanding punk records for Indiana-based punk bands over the last two years. He has a Bachelor's degree from Purdue University in Audio Engineering, and has assisted Mass Giorgini on international recording projects such as Dusty Trip (Spain), Ratbones (Italy), the Lost Boys (Canada) and Suckerbox (Cayman Islands) in addition to US-based acts such as Horace Pinker.

Philip Zumbrun Engineer Rate:  $12 per hour 
Phillip Hill - Producer/Engineer
Phillip has been involved with Sonic Iguana since 1996, when his former band the Teen Idols first came to work in the studio.  Phillip grew up on Music Row in Nashville, and in fact, his mother Phyllis is an employee of Sun Records -- the label that launched legends such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis, among others.  Phillip began studying the recording arts in high school, winning awards along the way.  At Sonic Iguana, he has engineered albums for artists such as the Manges (Italian pop-punk legends), Common Rider, Los Pepiniyoz, the Queers, Screeching Weasel, Squirtgun, and also his own band, the Teen Idols.

Phillip Hill Engineer Rate:  $15 per hour


Fergus Daly - Producer/Engineer
Fergus Daly has been active in the Lafayette-area punk scene since the early 1980's, and could easily be considered one of its founding fathers.  From his days fronting CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE to lending his vocal talents to GADFLY, his sincerity and dedication to the genre were always at the forefront.  Now in his third year at Sonic Iguana Studios, Fergus is among the top punk rock engineers in the Midwest.  Recently, he served as producer to the CONNIE DUNGS, of the legendary pop-punk label Mutant Pop Records. Fergus has also served as an engineer on several notable punk releases by EVEN IN BLACKOUTS, 88 FINGERS LOUIE, the TEEN IDOLS, the GROOVIE GHOULIES, and the MOPES, among others.

Fergus Daly Engineer Rate:  $15 per hour

Luke McNeill - Engineer
Luke has worked at Sonic Iguana since 2001.  He has engineered and worked on many projects by bands such as: Teen Idols, Common Rider, Riverdales, Squirtgun, Groovie Ghoulies, Even In Blackouts, Horace Pinker, Beatnik Termites, etc.  He has also acted as producer and engineer for national releases by The Copyrights and The Vice Dolls.  In addition, Luke has played drums in many punk rock bands over the past decade.

Luke graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Audio
Engineering.  The curriculum there is focused primarily on Pro-Tools and
hard-disk recording.  Because Sonic Iguana has extensive hard-disk recording capabilities, Luke fits right in.

Luke McNeill Engineer Rate:  $15 per hour 
Dan Wleklinski - Producer/Engineer
Dan Wleklinski is probably better known as the guitarist from the band 88 Fingers Louie, who have recorded the vast majority of their output at Sonic Iguana Studios.  During the recording of their most recent album, Back on the Streets, which initiated in the spring of 1998, Dan began training as a recording engineer, assisting producer Mass Giorgini.  Since that time, Dan has assistant engineered on several Sonic Iguana-recorded releases, including the Teen Idols' Pucker Up album, the latest Eyeliners album, and some new Squirtgun tracks.  Dan Wleklinski even did some engineering work on the Common Rider album Last Wave Rockers.  The services of "Mr. Precision" were also heavily utilized on the Hypno-Punko release by the Vindictives.  With the Vindictives, Dan did much primary engineering, vocal comp-ing, automation, and even some mix work.  Dan also recently served as co-producer and co-first engineer on the latest album by the Ohio punk band Legbone.

Dan Wleklinski Engineer Rate:  $20 per hour